Hand Caning Kalispell Mt

Hand Caning

Cane comes from the rattan palm which grows in the Orient. There are two types of caned surfaces — hand caned and machine caned.

Hand caning is hand weaved right on the chair. When you look at the seat there will be a series of holes thorough which the cane is woven and tied.

Machine (Sheet) Caning Kalispell Mt

Machine (Sheet) Caning

Machine caning comes in a ready-made sheet. A spline in a groove around the perimeter of the chair holds the section of caning in place.

Both hand caning and sheet caning come in different sizes and widths, and can be left natural or colored and finished with a coat of lacquer.

rushing kalispell mt


Fiber rush weaving uses a tough grade paper fiber that is twisted into a long strand and hand woven right on the chair in a symmetrical pattern. Natural rush is twisted from the leaves of cattails.

splinting kalispell mt


Splint weaving most commonly uses a flat reed or wind binder cane, hand woven onto a chair. Splinting can be made of oak, hickory or ash.